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Founded in 2010, SAFF INTERNATIONAL, member of a Tunisian group is proving to be one of the pioneer companies in the electricity sector in Africa, aims to marketing, distribution and installation of electrical materials.
SAFF offers cooperation in Africa, because we believe that the development of our continent will come from the exchange between the major African groups. That's why we highlight the products and services that affect the development of tomorrow.

Our role:

Become your partner.
Dear customers, differentiate your competitors by importing new products in various industries, contact us to assist you in this process:

• Sourcing International Multi Activities Permanent
• A differentiation strategy in all areas
• 20 years experience in the international marketing of electrical materials and implementation of electrification projects and industrial facilities and public.
• Save "time and money" by taking advantage of our network providers and customers.

For you suppliers around the world who wish to enter the African market, aims to be your partner and a springboard for your products.